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Our desire to do things differently powers everything we do - our culture, our work, our reason to be. We build brands that are genuinely inclusive, that pay as much attention to people’s needs and their impact on the planet as they do to their bottom line.

It was that desire to ‘do things differently’ that was the driving force behind the creation of The Elephant Room. In 2017 we started with one mission - to directly address advertising's lack of diversity and inclusion.

That mission has bought together a unique set of problem solvers and creative thinkers with vastly different experiences and backgrounds. Together we believe that all brands need to be inclusive if they want to meet today’s consumer expectations of ethics, inclusivity and sustainability.

So if you’re already an Inclusive Brand, or you want to become one, then drop us an email here.

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Core Team

Dan Saxby

Dan Saxby

Managing Director

Shannie Mears

Shannie Mears

Head of Talent

Nina Taylor

Nina Taylor

Creative Director

Amelia Blashill

Amelia Blashill

Client Partner

Matt Bamford-Bowes

Matt Bamford-Bowes

Head of Strategy

Khutina Griffiths

Khutina Griffiths

Head of Design

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Talent DNA

 The freshest creative solutions come from fresh perspectives.  And you only get that when collaborating with talent from different backgrounds, ages, influences and experiences. So if you can bring a fresh perspective, idea or craft to our work with a curious mind and respect for other’s views, we want to hear from you.


Check out our Creative Storytellers page and see how you can get involved in our talent community.


Request access to the Guest list  – our network of independent creatives sharing ideas, opportunities and support to each other.  

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