Creative Storytellers

A platform to support people on their creative journey

We’ve always believed that creative problems aren’t always best understood by those within the industry we work in.
We believe some of the most powerful ideas aren’t created in agencies but by those that sit outside.

These are creative individuals who don’t have traditional experience.
Creative brains who aren’t shaped by trends, but are
bending and shaping them.

We call these people Creative Storytellers.
And the platform is here to help them share their story to inspire the next generation of creatives.


From photographers who’ve told intimate stories about females in grime to the leading voice of Clash Magazine, we find the most interesting creative voices in contemporary culture, bringing them to passionate, hard to reach audiences who come to learn, listen, question and leave equipped with new knowledge about emerging creative themes.

Creative Storytellers

Creative Storytellers events are lively and sold out..
And we always overrun with questions and debate.
They are constructive and complex.
They are analytical and purposeful.
They are always useful and energetic.

Creative Storytellers

To date we’ve partnered with some of the world’s most culturally relevant brands to bring our themes to life.
We’ve discussed whether music can be a form of protest, if age has an affect on our attitudes, as well as practical guidance in terms of turning ideas to reality and the power of a network.

The Creative Storytellers platform continues to grow.

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