Giving girls a stage
to be heard

Respect. It’s hard to find and even harder to keep. So everyone is showing off. Trying too hard. Shouting too loud. Pushing themselves up by putting others down. Bowing to the pressure.
Playing a part.

Girls are tired of shouting to be heard. Fighting to be seen. Of pretending to be something they’re not.

Our PUMA Mayze Stack campaign let’s girls stand on their own stage. Where they can make their voices heard. Where they can celebrate their true selves.

Here we can be

Building Cultural Credibility

The campaign features four incredible rising music stars Sha Simone,
Bellah, Amaria BB and Le Juiice. Their experiences and challenges
are immediately relatable to our audience whilst inspiring them
on their own journey.

Sha Simone
Amaria BB
Le Juiice

Here. We can be.

With the new PUMA Mayze Stack as the stage beneath their feet, girls can feel seen and heard.
Its effortless style and bold simplicity make it the perfect foundation for whatever you want to wear, whoever you are and wherever you are.

Here we can be

The European campaign launched across social and retail platforms and is supported by a series of live events in London and Paris – the PUMA x JD Listening Parties. A place and space where everyone is seen as well as heard. Where artists and audience come to tackle topics together, culminating in an egalitarian and intimate live performance.

Here we can be