Inclusive Brand Archetypes

Rethinking brand behaviour in an inclusive world

Following years of gradual movement, the events of 2020 witnessed a sudden and dramatic shift in consumer expectations in terms of ethics, inclusivity and sustainability. This is not an evolution of ‘brand purpose’ but a ground zero event that requires a fundamental shift. For brands to grow in the new world order, they must become Inclusive Brands.

An inclusive brand gives just as much thought to the needs of people and the planet as it does to the profit it needs to make.

Inclusive Brand Archetypes

Until now we’ve thought about archetypes as associations from the brand’s point of view, essentially a brand’s character that defines your behaviours and offerings that attracts like-minded customers. Inclusive Brand Archetypes rethinks the current model. The new Inclusive Archetypes considers the values of the brand, rooted in new consumer needs around sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

The axis of our model reflects four human needs that, according to HBR, inclusive brands most appeal to:

Diagram Diagram

Our new Inclusive Brand Archetypes provide a structure for the brands motivation, behaviours and strategy. They help build cultural awareness for the brand and develop the right strategy and creativity.

Inclusive Brand Archetypes The Mentor The Architect The Catalyst

Finding your Inclusive Brand Idea

An inclusive brand understands the real lived experience of its audience. Through our audience led approach, we understand the cultural context in which the brand needs to exist. This, in combination with your Inclusive Archetype will drive your Inclusive Brand idea.

Ownable inclusive brand idea Ownable inclusive brand idea

Most marketers understand the power and responsibility of brands to become inclusive and create impact beyond the balance sheet. Inclusivity is no longer an HR or CSR initiative. It is central to your company's purpose and reason for being. The Elephant Room can help define your Inclusive Brand archetype and the path to get there.